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Importance of Primary Teeth

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Some people hold the belief that primary teeth do not require as much care as permanent teeth because they will be replaced eventually. However, this is far from the truth. Primary teeth require as much care as permanent ones. As the dentist for kids in Midland Park leading company, we recognize how crucial this topic is and the need for parents to educate themselves on the matter. In this article, we will explain why primary teeth are so important and how they should be maintained to keep them healthy.

Main Functions

  • Primary teeth reserve space in jaws for permanent teeth growth. If primary teeth are not well cleaned and maintained, it can lead to tooth decay. What this means for your child’s denture is that some primary teeth will start growing sooner, taking space which was reserved for other teeth. In other words, the care of your child’s primary teeth will pave the way of their permanent teeth, in many cases avoiding orthodontic treatments, which can be long and costly.
  • Primary teeth are an integral part in speech development. Early tooth loss represents a difficulty for children when learning to talk. It may present as an obstacle when trying to pronounce syllables correctly or trying to move the tongue to emit certain sounds.
  • Primary teeth are indispensable for proper chewing. When there is tooth decay or loss, it affects how your child chews. It increases the chances for choking and, more importantly, has a negative effect in your child’s nutrition.

Taking Care of Primary Teeth from an Early Age

Because of their high importance, primary teeth must be cared for from an early age. It is recommended to start cleaning babies’ gums with a clean and damp washcloth, soon after they are born. The first dentist visit should be within 6 months after the first primary tooth appears, or when your child turns one year, as the latest. This first dentist visit is critical because in it, the dentist will teach you how to properly clean your child’s teeth. Additionally, you will get useful tips of what to look for in order to detect or avoid any kind of oral health complication that your child may present.

Primary teeth are fundamental for your child’s future permanent teeth. In fact, they will determine, in part, how those permanent teeth will be. Caring properly for your child’s primary teeth will minimize the risk of having any dental complications in the future. Moreover, it could also save you headaches and large sums of money in the long run. If you are looking for a dentist for kids in Midland Park, call PDA Ridgewood now at (201) 652-7020 to separate your child’s first dentist appointment.