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What Is Icon Treatment And Should You Allow Your Child To Receive It?

Childrens Dentist Midland Park

Icon is a relatively new, minimally invasive dental treatment that experts have proven can prevent the onset of cavities. Dentists must perform the procedure prior to the formation of the cavity. That means when the patient is first showing signs of decay in his or her tooth enamel. It is a process in which the dentist will fill the space, effectively reinforcing the enamel and fending off the development of the cavity. It requires absolutely no drilling or numbing mechanism and dentists can perform it on children, making it preferable to cavity treatment in virtually every way imaginable. If you suspect that your child may be in the early stages of potentially developing a cavity, Pediatric Dental Associates (PDA) can offer him or her Icon childrens dentist Midland Park treatment.

Some Details And Background About The Treatment

Dentists have been using this treatment in the United States since 2009. But researchers had reportedly already proven its effectiveness years prior in studies dating back to 2000. Dentists refer to it as a resin infiltration treatment. There are two kinds of treatment kits, depending on the location of the potential cavity. They will use one kit for when patients are showing signs of a cavity between their teeth and another for when it’s on the surface of the tooth’s exterior.

Not An Alternative To Cavity Treatment

Icon is a preventative measure. As in, once the level of decay on the patient’s tooth has advanced to full-blown cavity level, Icon treatment will no longer suffice. In the event that plaque and bacteria have managed to dig a hole in the tooth, the patient will have to undergo the traditional drilling treatment in order to clean the tooth out and fill the hole.

Another Useful Perk To Icon Treatment/Resin Infiltration

Through Icon treatment, dentists can also remove undesirable white spots on their patients’ teeth. These spots are especially common among patients who had recently received Orthodontist Wyckoff services. That’s because the areas of the teeth that the braces had been covering for sometimes as long as four years of treatment were not exposed to whatever sugary foods and beverages the patient had consumed in that time. As a result, whatever discoloration the patient inflicted onto him or herself won’t apply to the areas beneath the brackets. Resin infiltration allows dentists to correct the inconsistent coloration.

A Review Of All The Reasons Icon Is Great And Worth Your Child’s While

Above all, the bottom line is that cavity fillings hurt. So it’s in your child’s best interest to avoid them at all costs. With that in mind, with Icon, there is absolutely no pain, whatsoever. No drilling. No numbing medicine. And in addition to the fact that it keeps cavities at bay, it also helps preserve a healthy structure to your child’s teeth.

If you’d like for your child to receive Icon resin infiltration treatment, give PDA a call and ask about our childrens dentist Midland Park services. You can reach us at (201) 652-7020 for pediatric dentist services and (201) 652-7024 for orthodontist services.