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Why Headgear Isn’t All That Bad

Orthodontist Saddle River

Orthodontist Saddle River

Watching your son or daughter grow up, you may have suspected this day would eventually come. You look at your child’s overbite and wish you had a magic wand and three wishes. You’ve ignored the reality for long enough. Finally, the dentist has delivered the inevitable news. If your child ever wants to leave these hard times behind, he or she will have to start wearing headgear. It’s a difficult piece of information to receive. Especially in the midst of such an emotionally sensitive phase of life.

Well that’s why we’re here to tell you, with great pleasure, that dental headgear really just isn’t all that bad. And if you choose Pediatric Dental Associates as your Orthodontist Saddle River provider, you can count on your child making it out of this phase stronger and happier than before. You will soon see that headgear is a lot more good than bad. And that pop culture has blown almost all of the bad grossly out of proportion.

Your Kid Will Probably Only Have To Wear It At Night

All those movies from the 90s that portray the awkward kid with the broken glasses and headgear are dated and mostly false. The most likely scenario will be that you kid has to put his or her headgear on before going to bed. And if he or she wants to sleep out on Saturday, that’s no big deal. Your kid will not reverse all of his or her progress by missing a night here and there. For all intents and purposes, you and maybe your partner/spouse and other kids will be the only other people who see it. And as far as dealing with sibling politics. Well, despite what you may expect, the joke actually gets old pretty fast.

Headgear Serves Are Very Specific And Important Purpose

Whenever you or your kid stats doubting the means, just remind yourselves of the ends. The evidence is there. There’s a reason why orthodontists still use it. That reason is because it works. It may not happen overnight. But the facts don’t lie. If you can convince your kid to commit to the cause, it will definitely pay off.

Get It Over With Now While Your Kid Is Young

An overbite on a kid is one thing. Because kids are still developing. But an overbite on an adult is something else. Sooner or later, if your kid doesn’t take care of this now, he or she is going to regret it. The older your kids grows, the closer he or she gets to college, where headgear actually will be a social burden.

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