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What’s The Ideal Brand Of Toothpaste For Your Kids?

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The single most common disease amongst children in America is tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to cavities, which leads to long and uncomfortable days at the dentist. That means discomfort and even pain for your child and also unnecessary time off school. If you don’t want your child to become one of the millions suffering from tooth decay, the first step towards a healthier set of teeth is buying the right toothpaste. Here’s how you can tell your child’s toothpaste is getting the job done. In the event that your child is in fact dealing with tooth decay already, we’d like to encourage you to contact us about our children’s dentist Midland Park services.

Has the ADA approved this brand of toothpaste?

Finding an American Dental Association approval label is a good first step in determining whether any kind of dental product is right for your son or daughter. Anything that passes the ADA has endured strict and extensive testing.

Does the toothpaste contain fluoride?

Every six months during your child’s biannual dentist appointment, he or she will receive professional fluoride treatment. This is a highly effective combatant to bacteria. But a dentist appointment every six months isn’t enough. That’s why it’s important to search for toothpaste that can fill in for the dentist in the meantime.

Does the toothpaste come in different flavors?

Mint is usually the standard for toothpaste. That’s what we’re used to as adults. But that’s not the only option, especially not for kids. So in the event that your child isn’t crazy about mint flavored toothpaste, you need to make it a point to find a replacement. Other options include bubblegum and blueberry. Remember, your job is to make sure your child brushes. If you can make it less unpleasant for them, they’ll be all the more likely to play by the rules.

Look for brands that don’t use abrasives

Some brands, particularly whitening toothpastes, contain abrasives in them. This is effective in stain removal, which on the surface seems to allow for less brushing. But it also has the potential to wear on the enamel of your child’s teeth. This is the last thing you want your child to worry about at this young age. A few examples of abrasives to steer clear of include hydrated aluminum oxides, calcium carbonate, and magnesium carbonate.

Has your child displayed any preference to particular brands

Now that you know the ingredients to success, pick out a few brands that fit the criteria. Test them out and see whether your child likes one over the others. Again, your goal here is to get your child brushing consistently and independent of your nagging. Depending on your child’s age, sometimes using toothpastes that have your child’s favorite cartoon characters can help inspire them to want to brush.

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