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The Importance of Brushing Before Bedtime

Imagine your child falls in the mud while playing outside. She’ll feel dirty and grimy, and you’ll probably want to give her a bath right away. That same icky feeling will stay in your child’s mouth if you don’t brush her teeth before bed. Getting your child into a bedtime brushing routine will keep your kid’s teeth and gums healthy. It will also get them in the habit of taking care of their teeth themselves. Dentist for kids Saddle River services treat your children’s teeth with the utmost care and commitment. Establishing a bedtime brushing routine will benefit your child now and in the long-run.

What happens inside the mouth?

When your child goes to bed without brushing, plaque starts to harden on the teeth. Any saliva left in the mouth feeds bacteria, which produces acid attacks on the teeth. Once there’s plaque, it’s impossible to remove without professional assistance, which can lead to more problems. Not getting rid of the germs will cause cavities, and nighttime is the best time for this to happen. When your child is sleeping, she doesn’t produce very much saliva, which is what helps keep the mouth clean. Try to stick to only drinking water after brushing.

When to start brushing

It’s important to start cleaning your children’s mouth even before their teeth develop. Doing so gets both you and your child into the habit of good oral hygiene. It also gives the baby teeth a healthy environment to grow into. You can clean your child’s mouth by wiping the gums and teeth. A good rule of thumb to follow is when your child can write (not print) her name herself, she’s ready to brush her own teeth. Adults should always brush their children’s teeth before the age of three. Children from ages three to six years should have an adult assist them. It’s risky for kids to swallow excessive toothpaste, so make sure they’re using only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Beginning the bedtime routine

The American Academy of Pediatrics developed the Brush, Book, Bed program. The three steps are easy to follow. Every night, help your kids brush their teeth, read a couple of their favorite books, and have a consistent bedtime. This kind of predictable routine helps kids understand and learn what comes next.

Dentist for kids Saddle River

Making dental care a priority early in your children’s lives will help them continue good health habits later on. Visiting a dentist as soon as your baby’s first tooth comes is worth it. Dentist for kids Saddle River services will treat your children with the dental and orthodontic treatment they need. We take great care of our patients and instill positive concepts toward good oral health. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (201) 652-7020.