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The goal of long range optimal oral health can be achieved through prevention. The success of the guide lines offer below is dependent on achieving mutual cooperation between you, us, and your child.

  1. TOOTHBRUSHING: childrensdentist_07Encourage your child to brush after each meal. The last brushing of the day should either be done by you, or supervised by you depending on your child’s age. The use of a soft bristle brush or an electric toothbrush are excellent for removing plaque. Fluoridated tooth pastes are recommended for patients who know how to rinse and spit (at age 3).  Patients who do not yet rinse should use a non-fluoridated tooth paste.

  2. FLOSSING: Encourage the use of dental floss once daily. Work with your school age child until dexterity is developed to handle it alone. Commercially available floss aids may help make the task simpler.

  3. DIET: It is essential that children develop proper dietary habits early. Emphasis should be placed on nutritionally balanced meals, reduction of refined carbohydrate intake, and reduction in the frequency of eating. Studies have shown, for instance, that if your child must have 12 chocolate chip cookies, it is better to eat them all at once for dessert and brush the teeth, rather than one at one o’clock, one at two o’clock, etc. Gummy fruit snacks and other sticky fruit candies often stick in the crevices of teeth and increase cavity rates. These snacks should be used infrequently.

  4. NURSING CARIES: Prolonged nursing and putting a child to sleep with the bottle can cause severe destruction of the child’s teeth. Try to discourage this practice. If you cannot eliminate the bottle at bedtime, then change the contents to plain water. Children older than one and a half years old that are still on the bottle or nursing have an increased rate of cavities. The use of sippy cups on a constant basis with juice and high sucrose drinks also increases the chance of cavities in children.

  5. FLUORIDE TABLETS/DROPS (systemic): The most effective method of reducing decay. We strongly recommend their continued daily use from the age of 6 months to approximately 14 years of age.

  6. FLUORIDE RINSE: A good preventive measure for children age six through adolescence. Use daily after the evening brushing and flossing routine. Do not swallow.

  7. SEALANTS: An effective method to prevent cavities on the chewing surface of the molar teeth. We will advise you if we feel your child can benefit from this advancement in dentistry.

  8. X-RAYS: X-ray examination is important to detect problems not seen clinically such as cavities between teeth. However, we do not routinely take x-rays at each examination visit. Naturally, we will always advise you of the need prior to taking them.

  9. PREVENTIVE RECALL VISITS: We maintain a well organized preventive recall system. You will be notified at six month intervals. At this time your child will be thoroughly examined for any signs of dental disease or oral problems. The occlusion (“bite”) will be evaluated. Oral hygiene will be reviewed. A professional cleaning and topical fluoride treatment will be applied. Regular preventive recall visits promote superior dental health.

  10. OBSERVATION VISITS: These are short “look-see” appointments to check on a specific problem which we feel should be followed prior to the next regularly scheduled examination.

  11. Remember, PREVENTION REALLY WORKS! Let’s work at it together!

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My teeth feel terrific after my visit. I have been seeing Dr. Patison and Carmile for many years and they take good care of my teeth. They are always so caring, compassionate and kind. I feel very comforatable during my visit with them. They give a very complete examination. They are the best!

Courtney Riley

Got My Developmentally Disabled child to Come without Fear and Brush and Floss.  We have loved Dr. Pattison from my son’s age 5 through young adulthood. She took extra care to ensure my non-verbal son is not afraid of “the chair,” gets his xrays he needed, and always feels welcome and appreciated. The result is, while some of his non verbal peers will not see a dentist and need general anesthesia for anything, my son looks forward to seeing his dentist. Not to the procedures, but to seeing her!

Laura Weinberg

Great with my 5 year old daughter! Very professional, yet kind to kids! We Love Dr. Zimmer! As always our trip to the dentist was a pleasure. My daughter is actually excited for our next visit. I attribute this to the amazing Dr. Zimmer.

Hilary A