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Are you looking for a Bergen County NJ Pediatric Dental Specialist?

Schedule a FREE Appointment for Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist… without Hidden Costs and Unneeded Procedures

If your child’s first tooth just appeared, or if your child is over 1 year old, then it’s extremely important to take your child to her first trip to the dentist… in order to avoid a lifetime of caries, rotten teeth, gum disease, and poor dental hygiene. Your best option is to take your child to Pediatric Dental Associates, here’s why:

  • The most experienced, knowledgeable, and respected pediatric dentists you’ll find in Bergen County, NJ:

    Our pediatric dentists accumulate over 89 years of hands-on experience in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Moreover, all of our doctors (Cynthia A. Pattison, D.M.D, Sari C. Zimmer, D.M.D, Vanessa Q. Velilla, D.D.S., M.S., Joel M. Servoss, D.D.S., and Gabriel J. Ollins, D.D.S.,M.S.) have full staff privileges at the Dental Faculty at Hackensack University Medical Center (the official hospital of the New York Giants). You can also forget about language barriers, because Dr. Velilla speaks fluent Spanish.

  • Instantly erase any possibility of developing “dental phobias”:

    Throughout our years of helping children achieve perfect oral health, we’ve discovered the inside secrets to eliminate the “fear of the dentist” most children develop. And more importantly, we’ve also learnt how to make sure your children won’t suffer from any “dental phobias.” While your child’s peers may need anesthesia for anything, your child will be happy to see our doctors.

  • We listen to your needs:

    Many people complain that their dentist doesn’t listen to them. When you bring your child to Pediatric Dental Associates, the first thing we do is listen to your story and your needs as a parent. After that, we carefully review your child’s medical history, and we discuss with you about the benefits (and risks) of every different treatment option.

  • Flexible schedule:

    We know you’re a busy parent, and your time is extremely important. We do everything we can to stay on schedule, so you don’t have to wait around for your appointment. Besides, if you need to reschedule your appointment, just give us a call (no hidden fees).

  • If your child truly needs a dental procedure, our knowledgeable business staff will show you how to obtain maximum benefits from your dental insurance plan.
  • We treat children, not just “teeth.” At Pediatric Dental Associates, our #1 belief is that parents are critical to ensure children achieve excellent oral health. That’s why, during your child’s first visit, we’ll show you exactly what you must do at home to teach your child outstanding dental hygiene habits (and how to obliterate bad dental habits).

Nevertheless, the best part is your child’s first trip to the dentist is 100% free. At Pediatric Dental Associates, we welcome you with a FREE examination for your child (only children under 3 years old). No hidden costs. No unnecessary dental procedures. All you need to do to help your child enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health is to click here to schedule a FREE examination for your child (for children under three years old).

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My teeth feel terrific after my visit. I have been seeing Dr. Patison and Carmile for many years and they take good care of my teeth. They are always so caring, compassionate and kind. I feel very comforatable during my visit with them. They give a very complete examination. They are the best!

Courtney Riley

Great with my 5 year old daughter! Very professional, yet kind to kids! We Love Dr. Zimmer! As always our trip to the dentist was a pleasure. My daughter is actually excited for our next visit. I attribute this to the amazing Dr. Zimmer.

Hilary A

Got My Developmentally Disabled child to Come without Fear and Brush and Floss.  We have loved Dr. Pattison from my son’s age 5 through young adulthood. She took extra care to ensure my non-verbal son is not afraid of “the chair,” gets his xrays he needed, and always feels welcome and appreciated. The result is, while some of his non verbal peers will not see a dentist and need general anesthesia for anything, my son looks forward to seeing his dentist. Not to the procedures, but to seeing her!

Laura Weinberg