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When Is It Okay For Kids To Start Using Mouthwash?

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Surely you’ve seen the writing in all capital letters on the back label of every mouthwash bottle. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. So naturally you’re probably a bit skeptical about letting your child near it. But then again, it’s a useful product and tooth decay is rampant in children. So it’s also reasonable to ponder the pros and cons in your head. After all, mouthwash is effective in preventing and controlling gingivitis, reducing the amount of plaque in the person’s mouth, and of course giving the person fresh smelling breath. Well, you asked. And as the leading children’s dentist Midland Park company, we feel we have the responsibility to answer.

What To Know About Age Restrictions

By the time your child has reached the age of 6, he or she should be able to follow instructions. That means your child can begin using mouthwash, but only when you or another adult is present to supervise. We recommend that any children under the age of 12 only uses mouthwash when in the presence of an adult. By that point, your child should understand the risks of swallowing the liquid and have the foresight to do so, even without your supervision.

What Is Your Reason For Your Child Using Mouthwash?

This question matters because different mouthwashes are useful for serving different purposes. Some kinds of mouthwash do little more than give the person better breath. We call this cosmetic mouthwash. Other types are particularly useful for alleviating mouth sores. But the most common use for mouthwash is to kill bacteria. This type we call therapeutic mouthwash. Make sure to clarify what you’re looking for prior to making a purchase.

Shop Around For Child Friendly Brands

Especially in the early stages when your child is still getting the hang of ingesting a liquid without swallowing it, providing child friendly mouthwash is the way to go. These brands of mouthwash don’t contain alcohol, which is the main reason why it’s dangerous to consume. Keep in mind that even with alcohol-free mouthwashes, children should only consume it in small quantities. That’s why we still recommend you be present at least at first even for these kinds.

Cartoons Always Help

Another small perk of child mouthwash is that the labels usually have famous cartoon characters. This helps create interest for your child to try it out despite it feeling a bit uncomfortable at first.

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