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5 Activities That Can Cause Lasting Damage To Your Teeth

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There are a lot of not so healthy things that one can do one’s teeth. Most things in moderation aren’t so bad. But then again, everything starts in moderation before it becomes habitual. Here are a few examples of bad habits that can cause lasting damage to your teeth This list has been brought to you by Pediatric Dental Associates, a childrens dentist Mahwah company.

Chewing On Ice:

The temptation is there. And every time your kid sees one of his or her peers munching down on ice cubes after downing a cup of Coca-Cola, you’d best believe he or she will want to give it a try. It’s not even that enjoyable of a habit since the ice is so cold on your teeth. But that doesn’t stop people from doing it. And when they do, little by little, they chip away at the edges of their teeth. If it keeps up for long enough, one could eventually damage his or her teeth’s interior tissue. In this case, you’ll notice him or her complaining of sharp pains while eating hot or cold food.

The Bottle:

We recognize that this is not exactly the news every parent wants to hear. After all, it’s your only defence against a hungry, angry, uncomfortable child at 3 o’clock in the morning. But unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that you could be causing serious damage to your child’s dental hygiene by giving him or her the bottle before bed. With each time you give your son or daughter a bottle full of juice causing tooth decay, the harder it gets for him or her to part ways with it later on.

Tooth Grinding:

This is a habit that’s a bit harder to avoid. Some people simply just do it when they fall asleep. This a habit that follows some people throughout their lives. Multiply several times over whatever damage one does upon chewing ice and that’s what you can expect from teeth grinding while sleeping. A good way to combat this habit is to wear a mouthguard in bed.

Gummy Bears:

Any sweets inherently will cause damage to a child’s teeth if abused. But Gummy Bears take the threat of tooth decay to a different level. The biggest issue with Gummy Bears is their stickiness. As a result, even after one finishes eating them, they stick around on the teeth and continue to cause damage until the person thoroughly brushes his or her teeth hours later.

Opening Things With Your Teeth:

Teeth are not meant to go up against solid metal. Nor are they meant to go up against mechanically sealed plastic wrappers. Teeth serve the purpose of breaking down food so that the body can swallow it. Anything else is abusing your power. And it will surely result in the person wearing down his or her teeth and damaging the interior. Years down the road, the person will notice that he or she can’t eat a long list of delicious foods that he or she has grown very accustomed to enjoying.

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