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4 Tips to Prevent Cavities

Bergen County NJ pediatric dentistry

Cavities, also known as dental caries, are one of the most common health problems affecting children today. Research shows that, in America, nearly 45 % of children have or have had cavities in their primary teeth. Although they can be easily treated if detected early, cavities or dental caries can be prevented so that your children can have those impeccable teeth they deserve. As one of the most renowned  Bergen County NJ pediatric dentistry services provider, we have prepared a list of useful tips that will ensure your child has beautiful and healthy teeth at all times.

Create Dental Health Awareness

This is, perhaps, the most crucial aspect. The effectiveness of the other tips depends on this one. Taking the time to explain to your child the dangers and consequences of dental caries, and making sure he or she understands, will lead your child to take a direct responsibility for his or her own dental hygiene. Therefore, the prevention of cavities will be something they will do by choice and not by imposition.

Oral Hygiene

Implementing a sense of a good and responsible oral hygiene in children from a young age will guarantee they continue doing so for the rest of their lives. A good oral hygiene implies that your children brush their teeth at least twice per day. Additionally, they must use dental floss on a daily basis to effectively remove all traces of food debris in the teeth.


Tooth decay is formed because of plaque, which is a result of a combination of acid, bacteria, food residues and saliva. And, eventually, tooth decay leads to cavities. Because of this, diet is a fundamental part of oral hygiene and health. When your child consumes too much sugar, that sugar is later converted into acid that, interacting with the elements mentioned above, will lead to tooth decay. Hence, it is recommended to limit the sugar intake, especially at night.

Dentist Visits

Make sure to take your child to the dentist at least every six months. Regular dentist visits will ensure that your child’s oral health is always being monitored. Thus, if a complication such as cavities arises, it can be addressed in a prompt and effective manner.

Preventing cavities is not an impossible task. It requires awareness and discipline. However, cavities can also be easily treated when caught early. At PDA Ridgewood, your Bergen County NJ pediatric dentistry services provider, we specialize in treating these types of oral hygiene issues. For more information or to set an appointment, call us now at (201) 652-7020.